who is savior

  who is savior

In the name of Allah.the Compassionate the Merciful.

My dear friend
We live in an era that bitter and horrible events occur every day. In a corner of this vast world,there is flooding and elsewhere earthquake. war and elsewhere bloodshed.cruel and injustice. and elsewhere poverty and disease… But we all have a hope that all bitterness will end and that glorious day is very near… We all believe in the coming of a savior, who will end this bitterness. This belief is rooted in the nature of all human beings, so that the followers of all religions believe in the coming of the savior.

                     …When the savior come

Let us know that there is only one person who can satisfy all the material and spiritual demands of mankind and all the creatures,and that is the divine savior or guide,when he comes, he invites the world to peace and friendship. He behaves in justice among the people. There will be no evil anywhere in the world. He will root out racism and war and bloodshed. All diseases will be destroyed and people will live in complete health and they will have thousand-year old lives. Wealth and welfare are equally divided among all people. The possibility of traveling to all heavenly spheres without the use of vehicles will be provided. The ferocity of the animals is removed and the world will turn into heaven.

will Eradicate

The belief in the coming of rhe savior in heavenly books, schools, religions, and    different divisions of the world.Christiannity (son of man,the last mahmid.)   

((You should be like those who are waiting for their mistress to come back from wedding so whenever he comes and knocks on the door, immediately opens the door for him… so you also be ready because at a time when you do not think the Son of Man comes.))

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